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Do you want to improve the productivity of your glass process?

With over a century of combined experience in developing innovative products, our team is committed to achieving solutions that will benefit our customers

Discover our latest glass solutions!

  • Raytek®, Ircon® and Datapaq®, leading brands in noncontact temperature measurement and temperature profiling, can support you with a complete range of infrared pyrometers, data loggers, systems and solutions for the glass industry.
  • Our sensors and data loggers are used in furnaces, bulk glass, melter, regenerator, refiner, forehearth, gob, molds, float lines, and annealing lehrs, as well as at the cooling and coating areas.
  • We have the products needed at every step of your process monitoring - even in hazardous and potentially explosive environments.

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For a better product quality, higher productivity, reliable traceability and safer environment.

Raytek, Ircon, and Datapaq - together, we are Fluke Process Instruments. A triad of the top performing, most rugged and dependable noncontact temperature measurement and profiling equipment made – a complete line of infrared sensors, line scanners, thermal imagers and profiling systems for use in today's most demanding environments.

The first names in temperature control have become the last word in manufacturing with confidence: Fluke Process Instruments.

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